TUV Safety Approved Industrial Controller

Design Note #21

TUV Safety Approved Industrial Controller

In cooperation with Compaq Computer Corporation, an industry leader of consumer and specialized computing solutions, OTEC performed the hardware and firmware design of a ruggedized, TUV safety approved industrial communications controller for use in Dow Chemical Company’s worldwide chemical processing plants.

Applied Technology

Based upon technology from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the top-shelf SC520 controller is packed with features. OTEC selected the AMD SC520 microcontroller to power dual Am79C973 PCnet-Fast™ III Ethernet controllers configured with 100Base-FX fiber optic physical interfaces. Sixteen megabytes of SDRAM and Am29LV17D flash memory makes this board resource-packed.

TUV Safety Approved Industrial Controller

General Software—Applied Technology

Embedded BIOS, Embedded DOS, with resident flash disk support results in a flexible, user-friendly firmware platform.

OTEC —Solutions

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