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OTEC’s Electronic Product Design and Development Process

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. uses a proven, flexible, three phased, process-driven approach to product development.

Phase 0

During this initial project phase we seek and evaluate input from our client. OTEC considers various hardware and software approaches, reviews details of the client’s requirements, and identifies various project-critical tasks and challenges. As a result of Phase 0 activities, OTEC produces a Phase 1 Development Plan which includes a Phase 1 Top Level Product Specification, Phase 1 Non-recurring Engineering Cost Model, Phase 1 Prototype Construction Cost Model, and Phase 1 Development Schedule.

Phase 1

During Phase 1 OTEC performs its detailed hardware and software design activities. Working in accord with our Phase 1 Development Plan, OTEC performs detailed hardware design, fabrication, assembly, and checkout tasks. During this period, OTEC expects to work collaboratively with our client. Regular meetings during the Phase 1 development period keeps our client well informed. Typically, Phase 1 completes with the delivery of Phase 1 design documentation, Phase 1 software and Phase 1 prototype units to our client.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, OTEC, together with our client, evaluates Phase 1 prototype performance and performs design updates as may or may not be required to the phase 1 design readying it for volume production. While OTEC makes every effort during phase 1 to develop a production-ready product, practical experience shows that product changes are inevitable.  The Phase 2 period addresses those changes which result from the evaluation process, product re-definition, debug related activities, and production/process related activities. Sometimes additional product phases may be required.

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