With hundreds of successful project completions, Orchid is uniquely suited to engineer your concept into reality. Orchid will work with your idea, perform detailed electronic design, construct prototype units, refine the prototype design and manufacture your electronic product. Fast. Accurately. On time and on budget.

Electronic Hardware Architecture and Design

Orchid provides electronic component selection and schematic capture services. Orchid provides design architecture and specifications. Orchid provides mechanical circuit board modeling and we work with industrial designers to verify form and fit. Orchid provides high speed digital design, mixed signal analog and digital design, power supply design and precision analog circuit design.


FPGA and CPLD Design

Orchid provides FPGA design, test bench design and HDL programming services. Orchid provides Verilog and VHDL RTL code together with Modelsim compatible test bench firmware. Orchid provides extensive experience with Altera, Lattice and Xilinx FPGA and CPLD Designs.


Embedded Design and Software Design

Orchid provides software development services for our embedded designs. Orchid provides C-language software and hand-tuned assembly language software for our embedded processor and FPGA designs. Orchid provides board support packages (BSP) for our embedded board designs.


Circuit Board Layout and Routing

Orchid provides circuit board layout and routing services. Orchid provides signal quality simulation and rule-based layout services. Orchid generates release packages containing circuit board fabrication artwork, and component assembly data.


Prototype Manufacturing and Checkout Support

Orchid provides component procurement and prototype manufacturing services. Working with our partners Orchid can have prototype circuit boards rapidly manufactured and assembled. Orchid provides prototype checkout services.


Approvals Testing

Orchid provides approvals testing on prototype devices. FCC Part 15 Testing, UL testing and IEC medical safety testing are among the services that Orchid can support. Working with our partners Orchid can effectively guide your project through all your third-party testing needs.


Rapid Design Cycles

Orchid is able to provide extremely rapid design to prototype engineering services. When you need it fast, call Orchid. Orchid has a proven track record of delivering complex electronics systems accurately and rapidly.

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