"OTEC’s engineers designed a novel control daughter board to make our power supply truly compact. That’s creative thinking and that’s why we selected OTEC as our design partners."

- Avionic Power Systems VP

"OTEC designed and built gigahertz baseband sampling modules for us in record time. Thanks for putting our development schedule ahead."

- VP, Microwave Operations

"Our Cyclone-based computer board was immediately functional. OTEC’s design accuracy has allowed us to shave many months off our original schedule."

- Processor Sub-system Design Engineering Team

"Aviation electronics designed from the ground up by OTEC is top in its class. Thanks OTEC for making this tough job work out so well."

- Hardware Development Project Manager

"OTEC listened to our needs and took up this most difficult and time-sensitive engineering challenge. We are all delighted with OTEC's engineering skill and ability to deliver quality product."

- Program Manager, Eastman Kodak Company

"The E640 with Altera FPGA resources makes an incredibly flexible computing platform. OTEC's design worked right from the start!"

- VP of Engineering

"Imaginative, inventive, incredible. OTEC got us off the ground, fast."

- DSP Product Manager

"OTEC's ability to actually deliver has put our development engineering six months ahead of our competition. That's winning and that's what OTEC is all about."

- Engineering Operations

"A real team player. OTEC helped us make difficult technical decisions. Then they quickly delivered fully functional prototype units."

- VP Development

"We needed to rapidly develop a retrofit battery charger for our existing equipment. OTEC saved the day by delivering working custom chargers in under six weeks. Fast, that's fast."

- Advanced Development Operations Manager

"CMOS imaging at high speeds and in low light conditions challenges the best of designers. OTEC really shines when it comes to getting a tough product concept up and running."

- Microlens Products, Engineering Manager

"Make it thin. Make it really thin. Make battery life exceed four hours. Integrate data storage. Deliver working prototypes in eight weeks. Wow, on time first revision units are working! Outstanding OTEC."

- VP Engineering

"OTEC did this much faster than we could ever have completed it internally."

- Business Manager, Intel/Dialogic Corporation

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