AMD Elan SC520 Controller

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AMD Elan SC520 Controller

Bristol Babcock, a multi-million dollar industrial controller supplier, engaged OTEC to architect and design the main processor board in their new Programmable Logic Controller product line. Working with technology from AMD and General Software, OTEC. rapidly crafted a powerful, compact controller.

The Architecture

This highly compact Elan SC520 Based processor includes:

  • AMD Elan SC520 Processor
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • 128MB SDRAM in SODIM
  • 64K Battery Backed SRAM
  • Dual RS232 Ports
  • 16M Flash Disk Storage
  • General Purpose IO to Backplane
  • General Software Embedded-BIOS
  • SC520 Debug Support
  • PC104 Plus Expansion

General Software Embedded-BIOS™

Embedded-BIOS from General Software is selected as the BIOS of preference for boards from most of the industry’s important manufacturers including Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor, and ST-Microelectronics. Embedded-BIOS is a full-featured BIOS for x86-based handheld, embedded and volume consumer electronics applications. With over 400 source-level configuration options, Embedded-BIOS is the most configurable BIOS in the world. Your design can include built-in support for ROM Disks, RAM Disks, Resident Flash Disks (RFD), power management, LCD Panel drivers, console redirection, Windows CE-launcher, configurable Setup Screen, and much more.

Technology Partnership

As a General Software Technology Partner, OTEC can customize Embedded-BIOS to your specifications.

Embedded x86 Design

OTEC excels in the design, prototype implementation and production of x86 compatible embedded computer solutions. Contact OTEC today, we’re ready to customize one for you too.

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