Automotive CAN-Bus Steering Angle Sensor

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CAN-Bus Steering Angle Sensor

This microprocessor based steering angle sensor provides real-time steering angle data over the CAN-Bus. Automotive electronics present demanding requirements to the electronic product designer. High volume, low cost and highly rugged, feature packed designs are necessary to win. This automotive steering angle sensor can sense high-resolution angle displacement of 1400 degrees of rotation and beyond.

Precision Analog Electronics

OTEC combines cost sensitive engineering with precision analog electronics to craft high-performing, stable, sensing electronics. Ease of calibration together with reduced cost electronics requires skill and ingenuity. OTEC provided a number of electronic hardware assembly options, allowing our client the opportunity to tune sensor performance for reduced-cost applications or high- precision applications.

Freescale HC08 Microcontroller

OTEC selected a Freescale HC08 class microcontroller as the brain of this steering angle sensor. The Freescale HC08’s feature-rich complement of flash program store, static RAM, Eeprom, CAN-Bus controller, timers, analog-to-digital conversion circuitry, and robust processor reliability controls make the HC08 a perfect fit in the automotive electronics marketplace. Codewarrior software development adds a world class programming environment to the development process. Well- tuned software libraries provide advanced features such as 64-bit floating point functions and trigonometric functions. Real-time calculation of double precision floating point trigonometric functions was rapidly accomplished by the Freescale HC08 microcontroller.

Win with Orchid Technologies

The development of custom electronics technology solutions for our OEM clients is OTEC’s entire business. High-performance automotive electronic designs with rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements, and unforgiving schedules set us apart. Contact OTEC today. We’ll put a custom micro-controller based sensor product design in your hands tomorrow!

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"OTEC performed the rapid development of hardware and software for this time- critical project. Six weeks to working prototypes during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Simply outstanding!"

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