Fiber Optics / Telecommunications

Design Note #7

The Challenge

High cost, limited functionality, and aging components were severely limiting Wilcom’s ability to maintain its leadership position as a supplier of low-cost instrumentation for the Fiber Optics telecommunications market. Working closely with Wilcom Engineering and marketing, OTEC developed a family of products based upon a single low cost microcontroller design.

Feature Rich, Low Cost Solution

Leveraging LCD Display, Keyboard Scanning, Power Management, Serial Communications, and Data Acquisition techniques across the entire product line OTEC developed a single microcontroller platform which supports five product offerings.

Patent Pending Solution

OTEC applied its creativity towards the design of unique patent-pending frontend laser light receivers. Precision analog design combine with insightful FPGA-based digital logic makes these instruments leaders in their class.


A Family of Products

With two circuit board designs, OTEC developed five products. All five based on a common microcontroller architecture. This permitted Wilcom to leverage economies of scale into profitability.

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