Custom x86 Hardware and Embedded BIOS

Design Note #3

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

OTEC excels at providing deeply embedded customized x86 personal computer product designs. OTEC offers rapid hardware development using processor technology from Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor, and ST-Microelectronics. OTEC embedded designs are customized to suite your feature set, packaging, power and unit cost requirements. Select from a wide variety of peripheral options. OTEC reduces product cost by redesigning older multi-board systems into new single board embedded x86 architectures. Among our successes are:

  • Celeron Telephony Switch
  • Pentium II Gaming Motherboard
  • Pentium II/440BX Raid Controller
  • Multiprocessor Simulation Engine
  • Pentium Set Top Box
  • Mobile Module Based Kiosk
  • Celeron MP3 Audio Server
  • Elan SC400 Ruggedized SBC
  • 386EX Voice/FAX Mail System
  • Elan SC400 Low Cost Alarm CPU

General Software Embedded BIOS™

Embedded BIOS is selected as the BIOS of preference for boards from many of the industry’s most important manufacturers including Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor, and ST Microelectronics. Embedded BIOS is a full-featured BIOS for x86-based handheld, embedded and volume consumer electronics applications. With over 400 source-level configuration options, Embedded BIOS is the most configurable BIOS in the world. Your design can include built-in support for ROM Disks, RAM Disks, Resident Flash Disks (RFD), power management, LCD Panel drivers, console redirection, Windows CE-launcher, configurable Setup Screen, and much more.

Design Gallery

Below are select examples of highly integrated x86 board designs. Contact OTEC today, we’re ready to tailor an x86 board for you too.

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