AMD 64 Bit Opteron Triple Processor Video Server

Design Note #37

Advanced Micro Devices Opteron 64-Bit CPU

When Advanced Micro Devices approached OTEC to perform the design of its Triple Opteron 64-Bit Video Server we realized that this would be one of the most powerful video processing computers ever designed. Each 64-Bit AMD Opteron Processor connects to its neighbor through two dedicated, extremely high- speed HyperTransport links. Each 64-Bit AMD Opteron Processor also connects to its own dedicated NVIDIA nForce3 media and communications processor (MCP). Finally, each MCP supports its own dedicated, high-speed sixteen-lane PCI-Express video slot.

nVidia nForce3 MCP

nVidia’s nForce3 Media and Communications Processor (MCP) provide dedicated support services to each AMD 64-Bit Opteron Processor. Three dedicated high speed HyperTransport links connect three AMD 64-Bit Opteron Processors to three nVidia nForce3 MCP devices. Each nVidia nForce3 MCP supports a dedicated, high-speed, sixteen-lane PCI-Express video slot.

AMD 64 Bit Opteron Triple Processor Video Server

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