Video On Demand Set Top Box

Design Note #22

Video On Demand Set Top Box

The multi-billion dollar set top box market requires an agile hardware platform that can answer site-specific installation needs while providing unmatched reliability and entertainment value. Orchid Technologies designed a feature-packed set top box, raising the bar for features and performance.

Audio and Video Velvet

Orchid Technologies’ enhanced-output stages result in a distinctly superior end-user experience. Seamless and smooth, Orchid’s enhanced audio and video output technologies wrap the viewer into a world of fantasy and imagination.

Video On Demand Set Top Box

Enhanced Connectivity

Designed for both today’s and tomorrow’s system installations, Orchid’s set top box provides a veritable Swiss army knife of features.

Demanding Reliability

With nationwide installations, set top box reliability and serviceability are of paramount concern. Remote Service-Check features lower maintenance personnel needs while enhancing long-term performance.

On Demand Engineering Talent

Orchid Technologies can tackle your consumer-video electronics needs. Orchid Technologies’ experienced design engineering team can be On Demand for you too.

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