Radio Controlled LED Lighting

Design Note #81

Radio Controlled Multi-Axis Lighting Head

Physically small, with a low quiescent current off-line power supply, this design functions in small confined spaces. Employing a 433MHz ASK radio receiver, this multi-axis track lighting motor controller allows fine control of track-head lighting position from remote locations. Visible-red laser selection circuitry keep power down until position adjustment is required.

NXP LPC1110 Cortex-M0

Low cost 433MHz radio transmitter-receiver systems use amplitude modulation to time-encode push button data. Being low cost, 433MHz radio receivers are subject to a variety of short comings including receiver timing variations, power system interference, and odd proximity coupling effects. NXP’s 32 bit LPC1110 running at a clock frequency of 12MHz handily decodes received data signals with algorithms written in ‘C’.

NXP LPC1110 Low Power Operation

Green standards for commercial lighting requires that controllers idle at vanishingly small quiescent currents. Power control circuitry together with the LPC1110’s on-chip low power features enable this design to achieve extremely low off-time power levels. Radio power switching, dual axis motor power switching, and low power off-line power system design all combine to keep this unit green.

Radio Controlled LED Lighting

Orchid Technologies: Wireless Lighting Design

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"We knew our original design did not work; we had no idea why. OTEC correctly analyzed the fact that our off-line power supply was interfering with our radio receiver. OTEC performed a complete re-design which works like magic!"

- President / CEO Lighting Group

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