Microwave Radio Communications

Design Note #43

Microwave Radio Communications

Microwave baseband modulation by digital means permits precise control of harmonic energy content in the transmitted signal. OTEC was selected to perform the design of a dual channel giga-sample converter for use in satellite communications networks.

High Speed Digital Signal Sampling

Multi-channel gigahertz sampling requires precise control of circuit board design and layout. Special printed circuit board materials are required to reduce energy loss. Careful grounding, shielding, layout, matching and simulation techniques are required to achieve success.

Gigahertz Phase Locked Loop Technology

Precision gigahertz clocking is required. ECL, PECL, and LVDS signaling techniques permit the propagation of high speed signals on specialized circuit boards. Precise circuit board trace length and impedance matching are required to achieve success.

Microwave Radio Communications

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"OTEC designed and built gigahertz baseband sampling modules for us in record time. Thanks for putting our development schedule ahead."

- VP, Microwave Operations

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