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Design Note #17

Medical Product Design - ECG Electronics

A leading manufacturer of cardiology equipment approached OTEC to provide the electronic hardware, software and mechanical product design for a new line of hand-held twelve lead ECG machines. The design goals: provide diagnostic quality ECG graphics display, in a light-weight, portable, battery-powered, user-friendly package. Provide compatibility with existing Hewlett Packard ECG carts.

A Coordinated Team of Professionals

OTEC assembled a professional team of mechanical, electrical and software designers. Working in concert with our client’s team of medical doctors and marketing specialists, OTEC crafted a unique, feature-rich product design.

The Architecture

Patient safety is of paramount concern when designing medical devices which contact the patient. Strict testing and design documentation are major elements of the engineering process.

Medical Product Design for ECG Electronics, A leading manufacturer of cardiology equipment.

The Result

Twelve lead, Hewlett Packard compatible ECG traces can now be recorded at remote locations and transmitted to trauma centers for immediate analysis. Lives saved through well applied high technology.

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"Medical product design is a demanding art. We are all impressed by OTEC's commitment to design excellence."

- Bill Young, Director Medical Products Division

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