Isolated Dual High Speed IGBT Drivers

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Isolated Dual High Speed IGBT Drivers

Isolated Dual High Speed IGBT Drivers permit the operation of stacked IGBT devices in demanding high voltage applications. Isolated to 10 Kilovolts, OTEC’s dual high speed IGBT drivers provide full triple phase IGBT drive together with gate detect monitoring circuitry. Optically isolated dual driver input creates the high voltage isolation barrier while greatly reducing inductance-current effects in the high-speed drive chain. Designed for banked operation, as many as twenty dual drivers may be stacked on a single DIN rail.

Dual Optical Driver Inputs

Dual optical driver inputs accept a pair of low-cost plastic optical fiber inputs. Optical driver inputs provide kilovolt isolation while preserving the accuracy of drive signal dynamics. Rapid, accurate driver switching speed is achieved in part by this extremely clean, precise dual optical input signal path.

High Frequency Operation

Capable of operation above 2MHz, OTEC’s isolated high-speed drivers provide best in class IGBT drive. With over 10Amps of triple phase gate drive capability, these high-speed drivers make rapid IGBT switching a reality. Control of gate leakage, gate off time, current spikes and inductive signal consequences all account for the remarkable performance of OTEC’s dual drivers.

Renewable Energy Inverter Control

Renewable energy inverter control is just one of the many applications of OTEC’s dual optically isolated driver technology. Optically isolated high-speed drivers make the precision stacking of high current, high voltage IGBT devices a reality. With driver pulse frequencies in excess of 2MHz, numerous new switching applications may be realized.

Custom Driver Magnetics

More an art than a science, OTEC’s dual isolated IGBT drivers rely upon unique, custom magnetics to achieve incredible stability, driver speed, and isolation properties.

Orchid Technologies: High Speed IGBT Drivers

The development of custom electronic products for our OEM clients is OTEC’s entire business. The design of High Speed IGBT Drivers with rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements, and unforgiving schedules sets us apart. Contact OTEC today!!

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"Reliable half-microsecond IGBT gate pulse times with kilovolt isolation was essential to our application. But was it possible? That’s when we called OTEC, they had our driver bank running within four months of our call. Phew..."

- IGBT Stack Manager
Renewable Energy Division

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