Industrial Motion Control, PWM Power Electronics

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Industrial Motion Control

High-power industrial motion control is a demanding art requiring a mix of power electronics techniques coupled with modern digital signal processing. OTEC’s two board industrial motion control set provides multiple high power pulse width modulation drivers (PWM), precision analog servo circuitry, and digital signal processing.

Digital Signal Processing—Pulse Width Modulation

High speed digital signal processing algorithms continuously provide eight streams of pulse width modulation data to the motor control power electronics. Low-voltage, high-current MOSFET and TRENCHFET devices drive power electronics in an H-bridge configuration. The two board set provides isolation between the power electronics on the lower board and the control systems on the upper board.

High Precision 24-Bit Analog Electronics

Twenty Four Bit high-precision analog conversion electronics together with Pulse Width Modulation control systems form the control plane of this multi-channel motion control system. Data conversion rates of 40KHz together with multichannel PWM outputs enable high performance.

Rapid Design Cycle

From concept to running prototype units in less than six weeks! Working with our client’s sketches and verbal requirements, OTEC delivered fast-paced, accurate product development know-how. OTEC really delivers!

  • Specification Generation
  • Detailed Schematic Design
  • Component Engineering
  • Circuit Board Mechanical Design
  • Electronic Simulation
  • Lattice ASIC Development
  • Component Procurement
  • Circuit Board Layout
  • Circuit Board Fabrication
  • Circuit Board Assembly
  • Prototype Debug
  • Firmware Development
  • Detailed Design Documentation
  • Design for Manufacturability

OTEC Delivers

The development of Electronics Technology solutions for our OEM clients is OTEC’s entire business. Rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements, and unforgiving schedules set us apart. Contact OTEC today. We’ll put a custom electronic product design in your hand tomorrow.

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"Fast and Accurate. Your rapid design cycle techniques always come through. OTEC is reliable, responsive, realistic, and relentless. What a winning combination!"

- VP, Engineering

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