Digital Signal Processing

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Digital Signal Processing

OTEC excels at providing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions. OTEC offers rapid hardware development using Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology from Analog Devices, Motorola, and Texas Instruments. OTEC DSP designs are customized to suit your feature set, packaging, power and unit cost requirements.

Sixty Four DSPs

Sixty four Digital Signal Processors operating at high speed on one board pack an enormous punch. These sixty four SHARC processors enable applications such as interactive solids modeling, interactive fluids modeling, and real time MPEG2 video DVD authoring. They also require carefully considered design and debugging techniques to operate properly.


Innovative Circuit Board Designs

Controlled impedance board design techniques together with a practical approach to high speed design made the two-sided 64 processor circuit board shown below a real catch. OTEC’s DSP experts are ready to land a big fish for you too.

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"Imaginative, inventive, incredible. OTEC got us off the ground, fast."

- DSP Product Manager

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