Component Video Recorder

Design Note #9

Component Video Recorder

Eastman Kodak’s fifteen year old component-video recorder (shown left) had been unavailable for five years. All spare parts were exhausted. Eastman Kodak, had two more years of service contracts to honor. A replacement unit had to be found! Orchid’s task: Make four prototype units (like those shown in the picture below) in six weeks. Supply volume production in twelve.

Form • Fit • Function Compatible

Engineered 15 years ago, the Korean-made component video recorder served as a subsystem in Eastman Ordains larger end-product. The old unit recorded multiple S-Video images, provided synchronized S-Video feeds and accepted an undocumented, proprietary bidirectional command / control stream.


Drawing from its wealth of engineering know-how, Orchid rapidly crafted a programmable component video management engine. Simultaneously, Orchid engaged in reverse engineering the subtleties of the bidirectional command / control protocols.

9DNglg - Component Video Recorder

Success In Record Time—A Product Design Miracle

Orchid delivered working prototype units in six weeks. Video image quality, software compatibility, mechanical ruggedness, manufacturability, and serviceability were scrutinized. Orchid listened carefully to Kodak’s comments. Adopting design modifications and improvements; Orchid rolled into full production.

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"Orchid listened to our needs and took up this most difficult and time-sensitive engineering challenge. We are all delighted with Orchid's engineering skill and ability to deliver quality product."

- Program Manager, Eastman Kodak Company

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