Compact Low Power PBX Processor

Design Note #14

Compact Low Power PBX Processor

Dialogic Corporation, an Intel Corporation Subsidiary and worldwide telecommunications industry leader, engaged OTEC to perform the electronics and firmware design of their new Private Branch Exchange telecommunications motherboard, code named, “Orange Grove.”

Demanding Design Constraints

Today’s software development demands fast-running hardware schedules. With a hardware design and development cycle of eight weeks, OTEC faced the task of implementing the Pentium core and its support circuitry while simultaneously accommodating two daughter boards, rotating media storage and a face plate.

Compact Low Power PBX Processor

Compact Design Packs Pentium Punch

With board area at a premium, this efficient Low Power Pentium design is implemented within a minimum of circuit board area. Add a Dual-Port Memory Protocol Co-processor, Compact Flash Disk, 100Base-T Ethernet, and Modem On-Board, this board sings.

Embedded x86 Technology

Contact OTEC today. Let us fit carrier-class embedded x86 Computer Performance into a telecommunications application for you too.

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"You did this much faster than we could ever have completed it internally."

- Business Manager, Dialogic Corporation

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