SOHO Telecommunications with Xscale ARM Processor Running Linux

Design Note #52

SOHO Telecommunications with Xscale ARM Processor Running Linux

Based on the Intel IXP425 Xscale Processor, Orchid’s SOHO Telecommunications Hardware offers choices. Daughter boards permit expansion from four to eight to sixteen POTS FXS or FXO Ports. Four Ethernet 100BaseT LAN ports, Two Ethernet 1000BaseT WAN ports, a single ADSL port and a single WiFi (802.11) daughter board make this hardware cost competitive and flexible. Power loss line fail-over switching completes the hardware feature set.

Feature Rich Telecom Architecture

SOHO Telecommunications with Xscale ARM Processor Running Linux

Linux Operating System

Integrated Linux boot services, together with driver and communications stacks, makes this communications product complete. Voice mail services and solid state storage permit the creation of many extra software features.

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The development of custom Electronics Technology solutions for our OEM clients is Orchid’s entire business. High-performance Telecommunications Hardware with rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements and unforgiving schedules set us apart. Call Orchid Technologies today!

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"A four-port main board, a four-port daughter card and another eight port daughter card—Orchid delivered three prototype circuit boards. The first boards were each virtually error-free and production ready. That's accuracy and that's why Orchid's our first and only development partner choice."

- Cable TV Networks, Project Engineering

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