Medical Electronics Heart Pump Monitor

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Medical Electronics Heart Pump Monitor

OTEC’s second generation heart pump monitor is designed for critical care of artificial heart pump recipients. Real-time data capture, analysis, and display of multi-channel ECG patient data is required to provide doctors with critical patient status.

National Semiconductor GEODE SC3200

Embedded x86 performance in a highly integrated, low power package is achieved with National Semiconductor’s SC3200 processor. The GEODE; a powerful personal computer on a chip, brings a wealth of existing x86 software to bear, easing end-user GUI application development.

Medical Electronics Heart Pump Monitor

Precision Analog Electronics

High precision analog electronics is the core of this medical electronics instrument. Multi-channel, high quality analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion circuitry supplies the patient care data stream. Real-time embedded firmware constantly monitors patient status.

Innovative Medical Electronic Product Design

Creating custom electronic solutions with technologies from Altera, Analog Devices, and National Semiconductor is what OTEC is all about. Contact OTEC today to design a medical electronics solution for you too.

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