Laboratory Instrument Controller

Design Note #47

Laboratory Instrument Controller

The coordination and integration of multiple, unrelated electronics is a daunting task. Multiple electrical interfaces together with connectivity, isolation, noise immunity, and precision operation made this instrumentation controller special. Working closely to understand the end application, we made certain that every facet of the design was covered – with contingency planning just in case we missed something.

Stepper Motor Drive

Saving cost was paramount. Third-party stepper motor controllers are expensive, take up large amounts of physical space, and often have difficult power supply needs. OTEC implemented an embedded precision stepper motor controller on a single circuit board. Overall product cost was reduced, product integration was simplified and weight was successfully managed.

Instrumentation Controller Feature List

OTEC integrated the following features onto this single circuit board:

• 4 Thermistor Channels • 4 RTD Channels
• 4 Brush DC Motor Channels • 1 Stepper Motor Channel
• 48 General Purpose IO’s • 2 Low Noise Laser Power Supplies
• 4 PWM Heater Channels • 4 General Purpose Analog Inputs
• 2 Timer Channels • Non-volatile Parameter Storage
• Real Time Clock • Daughter Board Expansion
• 1 RS232 Channel • 1 RS422/486 Channel
• 4 Precision DAC Outputs • 4 Valve Driver Outputs
• 1 USB Channel • 1 Bluetooth Channel
• HiPot Isolation • Agency Approvals


Orchid Technologies - Instrumentation Leader

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"OTEC worked hard to understand our needs – from our viewpoint. Then they implemented the perfect controller for us. OTEC, we'd use them again in a New York minute – they really listen!"

- R&D Manager, Laboratory Systems Division

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