COM Express Computer Carrier Board

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COM Express Computer Carrier Board

COM Express is one of many standardized computer module architectures. OTEC has designed numerous carrier boards for COM Express types two, six, seven and ten implementations. Building upon a standard computer architecture OTEC can implement custom power management, custom video, custom communications, and custom wireless features into powerful standard operating system applications. Working with low power Windows 10 IoT or Linux, OTEC can accurately assemble a powerful embedded computer system for your particular application.

High Performance Custom Industrial Computing

High performance custom industrial computing is possible with battery powered, energy efficient design practice. OTEC expertly designs the energy efficient power system designs needed by today’s portable electronic equipment.

Multiple USB 3.0 Communications Ports

Camera systems rely on USB 3.0 super high speed data communications processes. OTEC’s many years of gigabit communications design experience makes USB 3.0 super-speed communications a workable, plug-and-play communications solution.

Multiple HDMI Video Output Ports

X-ray display to multiple HDMI video output ports provide heads up and graphic overlay-video outputs. Supporting a variety of user interface options, video overlays, secure HDMI video streams and EDID switched video display recognition make this industrial unit first in its class.

Custom Electronics and Mechanics Combined

Electronic design has constraints. Mechanical design has constraints too. OTEC combines both electronic and mechanical design disciplines together; working the various trade-offs simultaneously. This results in harmonious, efficient, low-cost design.

Orchid Technologies: COM Express Design

The development of custom electronic products for our OEM clients is OTEC’s entire business. The design of high performance, ruggedized industrial computing platforms with rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements, and unforgiving schedules sets us apart. Contact OTEC today!

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"OTEC took our design concept and ran with it; providing us with a completely redesigned rugged and stable product in record time. Fast, accurate, responsive, OTEC has made our product successful from day one."

- VP, X-Ray Systems Engineering

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